Do you want to know when the first shoelaces were invented?

Do you want to know when the first shoelaces were invented?

Laces were originally discovered to have been used as early as 2000 BC. It is well known that the Greeks and Romans were very inventive, and they are also to be honoured and thanked for inventing the first shoelaces.

The Greeks wore rawhide laces, while Roman soldiers wore lace-up sandals in Western Europe.

Today’s shoelaces as we know them did not become so widespread until the late 19th century. centuries.











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Who invented the first shoelace?

Although shoelaces had apparently been in use for millennia, they were officially “invented” when Englishman Harvey Kennedy, 27. He applied for a patent for them in March 1790.

Patent for shoelaces
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Can you imagine if we didn’t have shoelaces today?

Even though there are many shoes that don’t even need laces, laces are still an indispensable item on shoes.

They’re great for running
elasticated laces for sports
, satin shoelaces are a great fashion accessory, but there are also laces that do not need to be tied. The latter are particularly suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and even children who do not yet know how to tie traditional shoelaces.

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Thanks go to the people who were innovative thousands of years ago and, of course, to the gentleman who made the patent for the shoelace as we know it today.