Do you wear shoes with laces in summer?

Summer, footwear and shoelaces

Summer is the time of year when we like to wear shoes, flip-flops and sandals, but the braver ones like to be barefoot as much of the time as possible. This is the time of year when our feet enjoy the outdoors.

However, we also like to play sports in the summer, which is when we need appropriate footwear and laces.

If you do a lot of hill walking, suitable footwear and laces are essential. For the hill shoe (gojzar), I recommend
double round laces.
These laces are strong, have good grip, do not untie and are suitable for heavy loads. They also work great on roller skates.


Satin shoelaces
organza laces
are definitely the most beautiful laces in our range. Beautiful, colourful, suitable for sandals, sneakers… for nice summer evening walks.


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